VIP Dental Assistant Training of Maine Students FAQ’s

What is the demand for the Dental Assistant position? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for Dental Assistant jobs is projected to increase by 42% in the next three years.

What is the earning potential of a Dental Assistant in the Yarmouth area? Earnings for the Dental Assistant are variable based upon several factors; the location, type of practice or specialty, practice workload or production.  Dental Assistants may earn up to $20 – $25 per hour. These earnings may increase as a result of skills and additional experience or training.

Why should I consider a career as a Dental Assistant? Starting a career as a Dental Assistant is very rewarding from the very start and is also a great step toward other positions within the dental profession. There is a significant number of Dental Assistants that have been enjoying careers for 20+ years.

I have no experience in the health care industry. Will your course prepare me to become a Dental Assistant? Yes! Our course is designed specifically to train inexperienced, committed individuals to become very qualified candidates as entry level Dental Assistants.

Do Dental Assistants require any kind of registration or certification? No.

How long is the course? This course is completed in 11 consecutive weeks (Fridays only) totaling 88 hours of lecture and hands-on laboratory experience in an actual dental practice.

Where will the classes and lab be held? The classes and labs will be held at Yarmouth Dental, an actual dental office.  You can check out the office at www.yarmouthdental.com